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Meet Our Directors

Sandy Weisner

One of my greatest pleasures in life has always been music.  I started MCCO because there was a gap in our community for musicians, especially String players.  So after a lot of hard work and amazing support, our group was formed. It has been one of the greatest endeavors I have ever had the pleasure of creating - a real dream come true. 

Justin Kelley Violin.png
Concert Master
Justin Kelley

Justin Kelley is a computer engineer who lives and works in Huntsville. He has played violin for 14 years, beginning in the fifth grade at Eura Brown Elementary School. Since then, he has played in ensembles such as the Etowah Youth Orchestra and Georgia Tech Chamber Orchestra. Music is a great passion of his, as he also plays mandolin, piano, and guitar. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, running, watching football, and playing video games.

Assistant Director 
Allison Edgecomb

I have a love of music and teaching it to all ages from many years at the Preschool level to the Chamber and Full Orchestra level.  French horn has been my first and primary instrument.  I fill in for the Director as needed and organize the brass and chamber groups as called upon.  "Music comes to me more readily than words."  Ludwig Van Beethoven

Concert Master - 2nd Principal
Rachel Wyatt

Board of Directors

Frank Cotton

Frank is the owner of Madison Band Supply. He was a founding member of MCCO, Madison City Youth Orchestra, and Madison Clarinet Choir.  He is currently on the board of the Decatur Youth Symphony in addition to serving as Vice President for MCCO.

Kevin McGrath.jpg
Vice President
Kevin McGrath

Kevin is a Meteorologist and Software Engineer supporting the National Weather Service. He's been playing the saxophone since elementary school and was very excited when MCCO welcomed him as a member, even though he doesn't play a traditional orchestral instrument. In addition to performing with MCCO and other local groups (including a rock/punk/ska band), he enjoys photography, storm chasing, gardening, hiking, jazz, and anything related to Star Trek. He shares his love of music with his two daughters, who also play the saxophone.


Steve Edwards
Director of Finance
Natalie Frazier


As Director of Finance for MCCO, I prepare and maintain budgets, tax records, bank account, financial records, and financial reports.  I have had the pleasure of being part of MCCO since its inception as the MCCO Flute Principal, and it truly is a joy to work with such talented players and volunteers. Prior to MCCO, I performed in a variety of ensembles, chamber groups, choirs, solo events, and marching and concert bands. I am truly thankful to be part of MCCO!

Fundraising Coordinator
Jan Mason

I've been be with the Orchestra since it's inception in one capacity or another. As a mother of several music students I participated in many fundraisers. When MCCO started I became part of the board, setting up spirt nights at local restaurants and petitioning local businesses for donations towards a silent auction. All done by my love of the Orchestra and my skill set to help MCCO raise funding to continue in my community.

Marketing Coordinator
Dian Beaubin

The marketing Director is responsible for not only preparing all the material that is seen publicly such as concert posters and newsletters, but I also get to work on fun events to help achieve the needs of MCCO. I play bass clarinet in the orchestra.  Fun fact: I didn't play an instrument for over 20 years and picked it back up when my daughter went to college.  I now play in several bands/orchestras and couldn't imagine life without music.

Sharon Euley

Sharon is a software engineer and maintains the website for MCCO.  Over the past couple of years we have completely redesigned the site.

In addition to playing flute in MCCO Sharon's principal instrument is keyboard.  She played trombone through high school and college marching band, and learned to play flute and tenor saxophone in college.  

She also enjoys reading, traveling, sewing and other fiber arts.

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